The Emerging Writers’ Festival 2015 is almost upon us – the opening night event is on Tuesday 26th May.

I’ve been hanging around the festival for about five years now – the same amount of time I’ve been blogging – and this year I’m lucky enough to be on a panel about blogging, along with Michelle McLaren and Meghan Brewster. Both myself and these two wonderful ladies are lucky enough to be invited by the festival to blog the events we attend, so you’ll be hearing much more about #ewf15 here over the next two weeks.

There’s a number of reasons I feel so much love for this festival. It’s supported me, as a young writer, as an intern, and as a friend. It’s provided me with a way to get my voice heard. It’s always a fantastic place to build my circle of peers, and meet potential mentors.

So, naturally, I’ve made a bingo game. The table below lists a number of things that you might see or experience at the festival. From silly things (hai, STM boots!) to ones that can potentially really improve your festival experience (connecting with new people), the aim is to cross off all these squares until you’ve completed the grid. Mostly, it includes things I’ll be happy to see, along with things that I hope will challenge me a bit. I’ll be playing, and documenting my festival experience through Twitter.

Just try and beat me to BINGO!

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All the fun kicks off on Tuesday, and the program is PACKED with events that will entertain and inform. See you there!