Nonfiction and Reviews:


  • Lovers of Valdaro‘, in Cordite NO THEME V, May 2016.
  • Fountain‘, in Tincture, Issue 11, August 2015.
  • The Horror of the Body‘ in Tincture, Issue Six, June 2014.
  • Fold‘ in Tincture, Issue One, March 2013.
  • ‘Sail’ at Verity La, March 2012.
  • ‘Tiny Women’ in Undertow: An anthology of creative writing by students at RMIT university 2011, October 2011.
  • ‘Enter Sol’ on Verity La, February 2011.
  • ‘Dancing on Architecture’ in Voiceworks #82, ‘Hunger’. Spring 2010
  • ‘Horse Factory’ and ‘I drank the ocean’ in Overload Electric Text, part of Overload Poetry Festival – at Federation Square ticker text. 10th – 19th September, 2010.
  • ‘Sylvia Plath’ in Poetry 4 U, part of the Melbourne Writers’ Festival – at Federation Square ticker text. 27th August – 5th September, 2010
  • ‘Tick-Tock Polka’ in Ricochet Magazine #01, Winter 2010.


  • Contributed to Scum Mag‘s ‘Advent Calendar Experience‘, Christmas 2014.
  • ‘After the End’ in Catalyst, February 2014.
  • ‘Arachnophobia’ on Twelve Moments, November, 2010.
  • ‘Hold On’ in Page Seventeen issue 8, 2010.


  • A New Body Politic‘, with Sarah Walker and Eloise Grills, on Melbourne Writers Festival podcast, January 2022.
  • The Memories We Inherit‘, with Krissy Kneen and Sarah L’Estrange, on Melbourne Writers Festival podcast.
  • Let’s Talk podcast, ‘What is healthy eating?‘, October 2021.
  • The Garrett, February 2021.
  • Emerging Writers Festival 2021. Host, ‘A Meal at the Table’; workshop convenor, ‘A Body of Work’.
  • Sydney Writers’ Festival 2021. Panellist: Food writing panel, Curiosity lecture, Stop Everything live.
  • RMIT University, From and Towards NonfictioNOW: A Chorus of Reports. Panellist. September 2017.
  • Melbourne Writers Festival, September 2017. In conversation: ‘Moleskine Coffee + Create’.
  • NonfictioNOW (Reykjavik, Iceland), June 2017. Panellist: ‘Of Cannibals: Writers on Food as Literary Lens’
  • Wheeler Centre, October 2016. Panellist, ‘Green Cleaver‘.
  • Emerging Writers’ Festival, 2016. Criticism Masterclass speaker/panellist, ‘Anatomy of an Essay’.
  • NonfictioNOW (Flagstaff, Arizona) October 2015. Panellist, ‘Unusual Foods and Edible Guests’.
  • Emerging Writers’ Festival, 2015. National Writers Conference (Melbourne Town Hall) panellist and chair, ‘Blogging’.
  • Noted Festival digital program, March 2015. Columnist, ‘Buzzwords‘.
  • National Young Writers’ Festival, 2014: Chair – ‘Dear Diary’ and ‘Writers’ Other Jobs’. Panellist – ‘When It’s Time to Stop’ and ‘Whose Identity is it Anyway?’
  • Digital Writers’ Festival, 2014. Panellist, ‘IRL: Literary Collectives and Place’.
  • Digital Writers Festival, 2014. White Night: ‘Book of the Night’ writer, 5am slot.