I’ve been building up hampers and foodstuffs for people I love for weeks now. It’s a gradual process, and takes a fair bit of planning, putting together, packaging. I thought I deserved a reward.

Well, no, really I think I was just looking for any excuse, and Christmas is here so that’s it. Anyway, I bought myself a subscription for The Lifted Brow. I love the Brow because they’re smart but not too smart, and they’re always tapping into mundane things and making them important in interesting ways. 

Also, they’re running an INSANE give-away for subscribers, and that certainly helped. They’re giving away 52 books to ONE PERSON. As they say, “It’s actually a year of reading: 52 books; 52 weeks in a year; a book a week; how wonderful.”

What a reading challenge that would be. My fingers are crossed, but I also wanted to let you know it’s happening and you should probably subscribe to a great publication too, so here it is. Make it happen.