It’s almost 3pm, and I haven’t turned the television on today. I believe this is the key to today’s productivity levels (relatively high).

Some mornings I’ll wake and think, “Just with breakfast. I’ll just watch an episode of Whatever Shit I’m Addicted To with brekkie, then I’ll get into it.” I watch the episode, and I usually finish my breakfast by 15 minutes into the 45-minute episode. So I waste an extra half-hour seeing the episode out. 

Recent perpetrators: DraculaMasters of SexBoardwalk EmpireThe Blacklist.

The problem is two-pronged.

1. I waste the extra half-hour, and then get to work. But my mindframe is shot. I’m in lounging-mode, not working-mode. 

2. “Just one more”. All shows that I’m watching after-the-fact (that is, that I don’t see weekly as they’re aired) have the allure of just one more. What’s another 45 minutes and some narrative closure? The trap, of course, being that each episode has its own cliff-hanger, and I never get that closure. So always one more.

Fix: don’t turn the TV on at all, until the work day is done. It’ll ruin everything.