As you may recall, during my time at the Emerging Writers’ Festival, I was involved in organizing the Melbourne and online chapters of the event, “The Rabbit Hole”, which originated with the Queensland Writers’ Centre. Other teams were writing in Brisbane and Hobart.

It’s super-exciting to see, then, that the Review of Australian Fiction have kindly dedicated an issue of their fair journal to the fruits of the Rabbit writers’ labours! It’s free to download, and it’s available here. Congratulations to all the writers involved, who took their work this one step further, and special “Huzzah!” to my writing friend Jodi Cleghorn, whose dedication to her Elyora project is … well, it’s nuts. ¬†Jodi really goes for it with everything she does, it’s very admirable.

If you’ve not heard of or seen the Review of Australian Fiction before, stick around their website to check out what they do. Every two weeks, RAF team up emerging and established writers, who workshop to put together an edition of RAF with two short works that complement one another. It’s a great opportunity for emerging writers, and a fantastic use of digital publishing – it really lends itself to short works.