Today my partner has returned to work, and this marks my putting my foot down and getting back into a normal routine.

ImageHolidays made me a lazy person. I ignored emails, thinking “I’ll get back to those another day”, and then I didn’t get back to any of them. I grew altogether too fond of Dr Oz and his life-improving advice. I whittled down to two meals a day – my late rising eliminated the third meal, and I survived only on brunch and dinner. I stopped exercising, only walking to the supermarket for cider and cheeses. I got groceries one meal at a time, because we ate out or take-away so often and so spontaneously that it just wasn’t worth the forward-planning. 

Oh sure, I’m relaxed. But my body and productivity are a mess! Not to mention the dust bunnies leaping around my lounge-room.

This is holiday-itis, and I am bidding it goodbye. And so we return to normal programming.