I like books, and I like Jojo and Maddie and I like JoMad, I Heard You Like Books.

This fantastic podcast has the strange effect on me that I feel like I’m buddies with Jojo and Maddie, and all the people they interview. And they interview all these people I’ve had fleeting dealings with, but haven’t really had a good chat to – Phill English, Estelle Tang, etc etc. I’m developing the creepy feeling that I’m getting to know people. I’m scared that next time I see all these people I’ll be creepy – I’ll know them, but they’ll hardly know me. Sorry, in advance, if that happens.

What I’m trying to say is that the podcast is just like having a really good chat.

Their latest podcast, “Show Don’t Estelle”, features Estelle Tang (of KYD and 3000 Books fame) is a rip-snorter. I ripped, I snorted, I laughed. Go there and hit play.

And if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to buy Jojo Animalia for Christmas*.

I just want to. So, Jojo, if you don’t receive Animalia from me, I’m sorry. Your podcast did create the impulse though.