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I Do, I Do Like Books.

I like books, and I like Jojo and Maddie and I like JoMad, I Heard You Like Books.

This fantastic podcast has the strange effect on me that I feel like I’m buddies with Jojo and Maddie, and all the people they interview. And they interview all these people I’ve had fleeting dealings with, but haven’t really had a good chat to – Phill English, Estelle Tang, etc etc. I’m developing the creepy feeling that I’m getting to know people. I’m scared that next time I see all these people I’ll be creepy – I’ll know them, but they’ll hardly know me. Sorry, in advance, if that happens.

What I’m trying to say is that the podcast is just like having a really good chat.

Their latest podcast, “Show Don’t Estelle”, features Estelle Tang (of KYD and 3000 Books fame) is a rip-snorter. I ripped, I snorted, I laughed. Go there and hit play.

And if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to buy Jojo Animalia for Christmas*.

I just want to. So, Jojo, if you don’t receive Animalia from me, I’m sorry. Your podcast did create the impulse though.

JOMAD – I Heard You Like Books?

This morning I’ve started the day really, really well. By listening to Jojo Jakob’s and Maddie Crofts’ new podcast, JOMAD – I Heard You Like Books.

They’re funny, they’re thoughtful, they’re having the conversations you like the have with your friends. They out their own trashy reading, discuss their guilty pleasures, and the ways it’s hard to keep track of what you’d like to read, and what you thought of what you have read. They’ve inspired me to get back on the reviewing on here, and, more simply, to get more reading done today.

And hey publishers who are reading this, Jodie Kinnersley needs a job. Hire her.

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