My Sunday was a nice one.

We came back from seeing family, we showered, sat around and checked the usual online importances, then we headed down to Station 59 in Richmond to catch a Madonna gig.

Not the elasticized pickled material girl, no. Madonna are a local band with so much joi de vivre your eyeballs and eardrums may just burst when in their musical presence.

Station 59 is a very average venue, but one that is now attracting a pretty steady crowd, and one which offers pretty fantastic and unbeatable $10 pot-and-parma’s.

Madonna’s music is a hyped-up, chilled-out synth and sample-fest. Everybody bops, the band fling them selves, bare-footed and half the time bare-chested, around the stage with massive smiles of their own, prompting massive smiles from everyone else.

I’ve been meaning to blog about some of the bands I see that inspire me: Madonna are definately one of them. They have such love for what they do, and such energetic creativity to share with everyone who shows up to their gigs. They just make it all work; it’s just sheer and simple fun. Even when it’s messy it’s seamless and you go with it.