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Admiration/Inspiration Thursday

Today I feel like I could do just about anything. I haven’t slept through a whole night in a very long time, but the last two nights I have. I thought you should all know – today I feel really good. 

Inspiration in the last week has been much and varied: 

Nanofiction based in an alley


I found my missing copy of Monica Wood’s “The Pocket Muse”. Haven’t heard of it before? Get it. Trust me. It makes it easier to get the cogs moving on those days when it just doesn’t want to happen. I actually just found it on Google Books, but I do so love my hard copy. Hand-bag sized, loving little volume of word-making things! 

I’ve been messing around with micropoetry and nanofiction submissions this week for the Melbourne Writer’s Festival’s “Poetry 4 U” event. I took some inspiration for this from a woman I used to live with. She makes such wonderful stories, her actual personality is so much better than anything I could make up. I love to write about her. 

School has provided inspiration – actually setting me tasks I’m interested in doing (oh, bless you, RMIT!). I wrote a few scenes from my family history and was surprised by how fun it was. I imagined my grandparents’ terror at the prospect of going to Bonegilla (what a happy experience this website makes it seem!).  

I’m going to write a column today about reading on public transport and the joys and problems of that. Inspired by a friend unashamedly telling me that he covers embarrassing book covers with brown paper so he won’t be judged. 

Feeling good is a good place to write, so often it comes from that other place. 

So right now, I’m inspired by this mysterious glow that comes from being well-rested. I’m off to write!

Admiration/Inspiration Thursday: A Week of Inspiration

This week, I’ll be sharing with you some of the inspiration for my writing this week. Via the wonderful Steph Bowe I discovered “We Heart It“, and have been sourcing a lot of inspiration from there.
So here’s kind of an inspiration journal for the last week:

I’ve also taken inspiration from an old chair I used to own. It was big and red, and I bought it with one of my best friends for $25 – he bought the matching one. He still has his, but mine broke. I have a lot of memories that go with that chair, and they’ve been inspiring me.

I’m reading Jane Austen (still) and her language has been creeping into mine. It’s frustrating to know I absorb things like that, I’m so unsure of my own voice. It becomes really obvious when Jane Austen shows up in my work, I wonder how much more subtle stuff gets past me. I don’t know if it’s inspiration so much as influence here…

I’ve been playing with my hair all week. I got it cut last week and I’ve been trying to make it work for me. Not there yet, but the attention to myself for however long it takes each morning leaves me feeling a little better about myself. Self-confidence inspires me.

Madonna Melbourne, Parma Sunday, finished with Cider

My Sunday was a nice one.

We came back from seeing family, we showered, sat around and checked the usual online importances, then we headed down to Station 59 in Richmond to catch a Madonna gig.

Not the elasticized pickled material girl, no. Madonna are a local band with so much joi de vivre your eyeballs and eardrums may just burst when in their musical presence.

Station 59 is a very average venue, but one that is now attracting a pretty steady crowd, and one which offers pretty fantastic and unbeatable $10 pot-and-parma’s.

Madonna’s music is a hyped-up, chilled-out synth and sample-fest. Everybody bops, the band fling them selves, bare-footed and half the time bare-chested, around the stage with massive smiles of their own, prompting massive smiles from everyone else.

I’ve been meaning to blog about some of the bands I see that inspire me: Madonna are definately one of them. They have such love for what they do, and such energetic creativity to share with everyone who shows up to their gigs. They just make it all work; it’s just sheer and simple fun. Even when it’s messy it’s seamless and you go with it.

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