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My brief radio stint

I did TV, I did a blog, I thought radio was worth a shot.

No, that’s a lie. Miss Jorja Kelly thought that I’d be interesting to talk to – little did she know!

It was incredibly scary being on a LIVE show, and as soon as the segment finished I felt like if I’d had more time to consider my answers I’d have much more helpful answers to Jorja’s questions, but on listening to the podcast, I’m not as disgusted or embarrassed as I thought I’d be.

So here it is. And keep listening to “In Other Words”, weekly on Tuesdays from 3 – 3.30pm.

In Other Words… I’m On The Radio!

I’ll be chatting to the lovely Jorja Kelly at Syn (90.7 FM) tomorrow afternoon. Jorja hosts “In Other Words“, a Syn show about all things language. It airs from 3 – 3.30pm on Tuesdays.

And it’s LIVE! Terrifying, no?

Tune in to discover a new must-listen show, and hear me put my foot in my mouth on live radio!

In Other Words:
Tuesdays at 3-3.30pm
LIVE on Syn 90.7 FM

774 Lineup Bonanza

An interesting lineup on radio station 774 ABC Melbourne, with the “prolific” (and very grandfathery-sounding) Alexander McCall Smith, Stephen Cummings, and Michael Williams (Head of Programming at the Wheeler Centre).

Engaging, entertaining, absolutely worth a listen. What a great group of people to put together in a room!

…I love Michael Williams. He speaks so well, and is so great to listen to. I saw him on a panel at The First Word last year at the Emerging Writers Festival, and, honestly, Wheeler could not have chosen anyone for this job more in touch with things and more like a real person.

Have a listen (sorry about the link, I can’t figure out how to embed audio in mp3 format):

…and a big thanks to Keith for letting me know this interview exists, you were right, I’m certainly interested in this!

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