While I was promoting Eating with My Mouth Open, I did a fair amount of radio. This was a steep learning curve. In those interviews, I was often asked about issues and ideas, as well as personal experience. Very few of those interviews focused on craft, which is the stuff I find easier to speak about with any level of clarity.

Before the book was published, the lovely Sam George-Allen invited me to be part of a podcast she was creating for emerging writers. Season 1 of First Word focused on creative nonfiction. Sam has made such a fantastic resource for emerging writers, and I highly recommend listening to the whole season.

To be consulted as any kind of authority on nonfiction writing was pretty unreal. You can listen to that podcast by selecting the image below.

First Word podcast

I was also invited to speak with national treasure Astrid Edwards, on The Garret: Writers on writing podcast. This is one of my favourite long-running podcasts, and always a great place to turn and reflect when I’m feeling stuck. I hope my episode is able to provide that to other writers, too.

You can listen to my episode of The Garret by selecting the image below.

The Garret podcast