Today the Wheeler Centre have announced their forthcoming ‘festival of questions’, which will take place on November 27-28.

This promises to be a unique festival. The Wheeler Centre has launched its Interrobang website, where the public are asked to submit their ‘best question’. These questions are being compiled into an archive, where you can click a love-heart to show that you’d like to hear a particular question discussed at the festival. The questions with the most votes will become part of the festival’s program. You’re literally being given the opportunity to give direct input on a crowd-sourced festival program.

Just a quick A++ shout-out to the person who’s submitted a question as to why people overlook Cameron Frye’s importance in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I had a moment of realisation recently where I understood, all of a sudden, that that film is about Cameron, and not Ferris. The IMDB blurb doesn’t even mention Cameron. Ferris is the same at the beginning and the end of the film – his story has no arc. For Cameron, things change… This might seem tangential, but I encourage you to vote for the Cameron Frye question. I want to see this character celebrated for the hero that he is, and this is the only opportunity we may get to make this happen.

The line-up of guests for The Interrobang (the ‘Brains Trust’) has already been announced, and it’s full of people with multiple job titles and areas of expertise. A few particular favourites of mine have me beyond excited – Cheryl Strayed! Meghan Daum! Nakkiah Lui! This is gonna be good.

So go have your say on what needs to be discussed – submit a question, and vote on those you think belong on the program. The full program will be announced on October 12, and the festival takes place in Melbourne’s CBD on November 27-28.