This week sees the release of THREE awesome programs, so get your diaries out and start scheduling in some literary stimulation.

Yesterday the Wheeler Centre released its first program of 2014, and it’s a doozy! I’ve got myself tickets for Alison Bechdel after reading and loving her Are You My Mother? last year. Rachel Kushner is recommended to me a lot, so I’ll be cramming in a book of hers before the event. Alain de Botton was fabulous last time he came to speak about Religion for Atheists, and his new book (out today) The News looks great, so his talk should be great too. There’s some great series in this program, including one on art, and another on female sexuality. Basically I’ve got two tickets to many, many things and this guarantees brain food and friends for the near future at least (“Anyone want to come to…?”)

Today the Digital Writers’ Festival released their program too. They also got online to answer questions from Twitter, and demonstrate the technology being used for the panels throughout the festival: it’s damn impressive stuff. The program casts a wide net, and includes guests from all over the world, practicing all sorts of amazing digital stuff. Like the EWF model, it seems like a good balance of ‘how’ and ‘why’ events. The festival’s program is mainly free, and all available online. This means that you can get amongst it no matter where you are.

The program for the Adelaide Writers Week has been launched today too, which is part of the Adelaide Festival in late February-early March. A list of authors has been out for a while, but a program and tickets have not been. We’re thinking of trekking over there for a few days before I start Honours (like literally, the couple of days before), during the weekend that sees the Artists’ Week and the Writers’ Week overlap, so I’m looking forward to seeing whether it’s a goer or not.

The next program I’m waiting for is You Are Here, who are releasing their program in late February. Their sneak-peek looks fantastic.

Go look and plan your brain food!