At the start of each year I like to break down the numbers of what I read in the previous year. Reading habits are hard to see while you’re (seemingly) randomly choosing books, but stepping back allows me to see if there are gaps in my reading, and be more purposeful about correcting those gaps.

I’ve been doing the 100+ Books Reading Challenge since the start of 2010. I’ve, of course, never hit anywhere near 100 books. The point for me is to track what I’m reading. This year I read 33 books – 11 less than last year. I reviewed 7 of them on this blog, and 4 for publication.

I was part of some reading groups in 2013 – 6 of the books I read were for KYD Book Club, and 3 for Asian Book Club.

12 non-fiction.
19 fiction.
2 mixed collections.
2 graphic novels.

20 by women. (8 by Australian women, 1 edited by Australian woman.)
11 by men.
(Remaining 2 were collections)

Only one journal got read cover-to-cover. I subscribe to multiple journals, and I always dip in to them, but never read them cover-to-cover. What am I missing out on?

Looking at last year’s numbers, this year has been much less varied.

So, some reading aims for 2014:
– Read more YA books
– Review more of what I read here
– Read journals in their entirety
– Read more broadly (ie, include poetry, plays, etc)

I already know that much of my 2014 reading will be aimed at my Honours work – I don’t know entirely what that will be yet. While I aim to read more broadly in terms of form, content might be a bit more repetitive, as I immerse myself in my Honours project.

What do you hope to  achieve with your reading in 2014?