Today’s the first day of content for me as Online Editor of the fabulous Writers Bloc. My first post has gone up, and it includes an honest portrait of the disarray that is my writing desk. If you’ve ever wondered – wonder no more! A big thanks to the website’s founding editor and creator, Geoff Orton, for having faith in me and my work, and giving me this role. These are exciting times! And fear not, you’ll still be hearing from me here.


Also just a quick reminder that I’ve got a feature and a whole-page review in the latest edition of The Big Issue. It’s still available from your local vendor until this Thursday, so keep an eye out. The review is of Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest, a tome titled The Signature of All Things. I had fun with the extra word allowance, stretching my legs after the frustrating brevity of the usual TBI reviews.

The feature is about the advice that my dad, a chef, handed down to me that “What’s said in the kitchen stays in the kitchen”. As the article explains, it’s solid advice that is applicable far beyond the literal kitchen.