This blog will be quiet for a week or so – I’m going on holiday! My partner and I have forgotten what each other looks like, and as we’re about to get even busier soon, we’re taking some time off to head to Tasmania. We’ll be visiting MONA, and eating lots of seafood, and taking a road trip up to the top end. He hasn’t flown before, and I haven’t been to Tassie since I was a kid – we’re excited.

I’m also updating you with my happy news – which you probably have already seen if you know me personally, or follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

I’m joining the team at The Writers Bloc! It’s a website designed to help writers share their work. At the blog, founding editor Geoff Orton has done a great job of sharing reviews, interviews, and bizarre stories about what writers do for a living. I’m looking forward to continuing his good work, and expanding on it, in my new role as Online Editor. 

The Writers Bloc will be bringing you regular content from 21st October onwards. In the meantime – oysters! Breakfasts! Artwork! Excuse me, I’ve a holiday to get to.