Sing it to this tune. It works. Tomely love! Love, love…

And it must be love! Tomely is a brilliant new eBook project from the mind of technological excitement wizard Connor Tomas O’Brien. I admire Connor’s answers-based approach. Instead of moaning about the demise of bricks-n-mortar or just declaring that it’s all a bit silly and we should just adopt eBooks unquestioningly, Connor suggests that both modes have their strengths, and can live in harmony side by side. While this idea isn’t directly linked to the Tomely  project, it’s a cool aside.

Image from on Flickr
Image from on Flickr

Tomely is a way for people to sell and buy eBooks. Everything that’s on there is a bit great  – single books for sale include Neon Pilgrim, Quiet City (which has its own kinda cool project behind it), and Pinetorch. The single-title database is growing rapidly. My favourite part is the eBook bundles.

These bundles are sold on a pay-as-you-feel basis. I’ve just purchased the first bundle offer, which features:
– The Lifted Brow Ebook
– Voiceworks #92 ‘Thing’
– Review of Australian Fiction, Volume 1: Omnibus
– Tincture Journal, Issue Two (Winter 2013)
– Sincere Forms of Flattery
– Kill Your Darlings, Issue 12

Because I paid over $10, I also unlocked bonus titles:
– Review of Australian Fiction, Volume 2: Omnibus
– Tincture Journal, Issue One
– Kill Your Darlings Issue 13

And I showed some love on Twitter, and received loved back from Tomely in the form of Willow Pattern, which is a 24-hour book from if:book.

I can’t get over this bundle. There’s a lot of work from friends (and me, in Tincture 1!), which I couldn’t afford to buy all of at the time, and this is a great way to get to know lit mags. You know how you sometimes can’t afford everything when it’s first published? And also how submission guidelines always want you to know the journal well before submitting? Tomely solves problems like those.

The first eBook bundle is only available for two more days, so now’s your time to get on it!

Tomely recognizes the power of social media, and uses it. Many of the titles available include a discount, or are available free, for the price of a tweet. Tomely also gives the option to donate, at no extra cost, a percentage of your payment to charity. Tomely themselves make money from their 20% revenue share of sales.

Everybody wins.