Just a quick heads-up! The good people at Express Media have just started up this HOLOGRAM publishing venture, and they’re looking for long-form manuscripts – ie 20-60,000 words. Even better, this opportunity is only open to writers under 30 years of age. I know everyone missed out on the Vogel this year, so don’t let this one pass you by.

I love Express Media – over the years, they’ve given me many opportunities. They’ve had me along for their workshop workshops (where we learned how to run workshops – meta!), writing workshops with some of my favourite writers ever, had me nominated for an award, and published a poem of mine. They’re a very active organization giving opportunities to young people in a business where it’s often confusing and difficult to know where to start.

I personally know more than one reader of this blog who has a manuscript lying dormant in their bottom drawer. Don’t let it just sit there – send it in!