I’ve been poor, and skipped the last few issues of the beautiful Melbourne lit journal Kill Your Darlings. Last Thursday saw the annual KYD Trivia Night in Carlton, which launched issue 13, and I’m pretty excited to have purchased a copy. It’s an (*ahem*) killer issue, which ticks all the boxes for things that seem cool to me: Hannah Kent’s Burial Rites is chalked up as the Next Big Thing, and she’s written an article about her experience writing it. Game of Thrones has me, like most of the world, under its spell, and Brad Nguyen has contributed a pretty fantastic piece of criticism about it to KYD. And I’ve been admiring Jo Case’s work forever, and am totally chuffed that her book Boomer & Me has been doing so well since its recent publication – there’s an extract from the memoir in this KYD issue. I’m loving it.

And, of course, the trivia! This trivia night is one of my favourite nights of the year – there’s writer, critic, and bookseller spot-o, an opportunity to confirm or deny that I am exactly as bookish as I hope, money-raising for a great publication, and sweet prizes. Our Dream Team has been a winner and a second-placer, as well as a door-prize winner. Our luck continued this round, as we placed second to Team Croggers’ very respectable bookish smarts, and my raffle over-purchasing paid off with a door prize. Can I put KYD Triv accolades on my CV? As if any respectable employer wouldn’t swoon over that.

Thanks for a great night, KYD, we’ll be back for more next year!