It’s always exciting when a new project pops up, and Tincture Journal is no exception.

Under the guidance of Sydney-based editor Daniel Young, Tincture is a digital publication looking to publish quality short fiction, poetry and non-fiction. It promises to be a publication that takes itself, and the business of lit-journal-ing, seriously. Published writers will be paid (a token amount to start with, but this is a generous gesture). The e-book format of the journal presumably makes it both an affordable publication to produce and a friendly one to read on your device of choice. The publication will be sold for a small amount, which I think is yet to be decided.

From their website:
“E-books are not a lower-class of book, and Tincture endeavours to publish high quality writing in high quality electronic formats” – I have a whole lot of respect for Tincture‘s valuing electronic publishing in this way; it’s something I feel is really important.

It’s impossible to tell what a publication will be before its first issue. But the attitude of the people producing Tincture, and the kinds of people I’ve so far seen engaging with it via Facebook and Twitter (lit people, whose work I like, shan’t name-drop), bode well for this new lit journal, whose first issue will be out in the next month or two.

Tincture are currently taking submissions. Poetry submissions have been closed due to a flood of interest, but they’re still taking submissions (through the brilliant Submittable portal) of short stories and non-fiction.

So take a punt. These guys have their head screwed on straight, and if you send them good work, they’ll be publishing good work!