It’s finally spring! I finally have my reading chair in the sun, and the Melbourne Writers Festival has just finished, so I have time to read again! Which is great, because while I didn’t plan it, I ended up buying LOTS of books at the MWF Dymocks book store.

Reading isn’t really the problem. I’ve read most of lots of things, but I’ve only actually finished one book in August. That means that September’s Month of Reading will have lots of finished books, as I cross the finish line of all the things I almost-finished in August. The final pages of two books are waiting for me today.

What did you read in August?

Books Bought:
Tarcutta Wake, by Josephine Rowe
Gaysia, by Benjamin Law
I Was Told There’d Be Cake, by Sloane Crosley
How Did You Get This Number, by Sloane Crosley
Money Shot, by Jeff Sparrow
Creative Nonfiction, Issue #46, ed. Lee Gutkind
You Can’t Make This Stuff Up, by Lee Gutkind
The Big Issue Fiction Edition, ed. Chris Flynn & Melissa Cranenburgh

Reading Copies:
The Memory of Salt, by Alice Melike Ulgezer
The Engagement, by Chloe Hooper
N-W, by Zadie Smith

On Photography, by Susan Sontag

Books Read:
Our Father Who Wasn’t There, by David Carlin

Currently Reading:
The Memory of Salt, by Alice Melike Ulgezer
Camera Lucida, by Roland Barthes
Gaysia, by Benjamin Law
The Big Issue Fiction Edition, ed. Chris Flynn & Melissa Cranenburgh