I hope that when you read the title you heard me screaming at you Mike Whitney style, because that’s how it was intended. (Aw. Looked for a Youtube clip to link to all witty-like, there’s none that I could find and that’s endlessly disappointing. I am sorry.)

Anywho, with the EWF program now up you can check out all the amazing things that are in store for those very special 11 days. And start booking, ladies and gents!

AND there’s a post up on the EWF blog today which details the event I’ve been working on, Down The Rabbit Hole. There’s also details up that lots of people have been waiting on, about how to register for the event. Registrations open on the 30th, which is Monday. I know the first Queensland event sold out in ten minutes, so get in quick!

Also, our online host Patrick O’Duffy has a great post on his blog about his involvement in the Rabbit Hole and why he’s so excited!