This morning I woke up to an email from my Step-mum containing a link to Flavourwire’s post about “The World’s Most Beautiful Bookstores”. And I’m now wondering if it’s reasonable to go on a round-the-world tour just to visit all these stores. They’re so damn lovely!

The Chinese kids’ store looks so magical – how could a child not get excited about reading in such a place?! And the Livraria Da Vila front doors! I didn’t even realise I was looking at doors until I read the description…

My usual writing breaks involve making toast or doing dishes… Today, though, you might find me suspending books from my ceiling or installing a revolving hinge and sticking books to my front door.

I was sad to notice that there are no entires for Australian book stores… What are your favourite book stores in Australia? I know there’s a great place in Sassafras, outdoors in a little alleyway with a courtyard, though I can’t seem to find it anywhere online… Floor-to-ceiling books are a pretty prominent feature of the stores that I love (like this or this), as well as a great selection of course, but I can’t bring to mind any Australian (specifically, Victorian) stores that are really exciting in terms of design: I’m specifically talking bookstores here, so LaTrobe Reading Room notwithstanding.  Have I not been searching far and wide enough for my books? Let me in on your secrets, blogosphere! Where da sexy bookz at?