Some people are really into Christmas, and have important and elaborate traditions. My sister-in-law decorates her whole house, and takes her daughter around to all the Christmas lights on Christmas Eve. My Dad goes to carols at a friend’s house. People put up trees and lights, they play carols and go to community events.

Growing up and spending Christmas with new people (in-laws, parents’ new partners and families) means that I have to start my own traditions. I don’t put up a tree, or make pudding. But I do make delicious presents for people – the last few years I’ve made fudge, but this year I’ve gone with vodka cherries. Yes, they’re delicious. And giving people something I’ve made myself feels great – and it’s cheap.

The other tradition I have is to listen to carols – but punk covers of them. A friend I’ve had forever burned me a copy of A Santa Cause: It’s a Punk Rock Christmas. And every Christmas since I’ve been listening to it. So, here’s some for you.

Merry Christmas.