I’ve just watched Sarah Kay’s TED talk, and it was wonderful and inspiring. She’s so full of life, so eager. And such a confident woman.

She introduced an idea that I’d like to test, and to see whether anything comes out of it. I need your participation for this, so get ready to engage. Please.

She says that when she’s teaching kids how to write spoken word, the first thing she does is get them to write a list of ten things they know to be true. These can be anything – something about entertainment, technology, science, art, what you had for breakfast, someone you know – anything.

What happens from this list, she says, is that in a group when they’re shared, you find someone who has something the same as or very similar to something on yours. Someone else has the exact opposite. Someone else has a new take on something you thought you knew everything about. And someone else has something you’ve never even heard of. And this, she says, this intersection of these four points, is where great stories begin.

So I want to try this. STOP READING HERE! Go write your list of ten things. I’m posting mine below, but I don’t want yours to be influenced by mine. Post yours in the comments, and let’s see if we can find some great stories where our lists intersect. GO!

My List:
1. I had coffee for breakfast.
2. Ugg boots, though awfully ugly, are very warm, and acceptable around the home.
3. I am most of the way finished “New Moon” and it’s awful, but enjoyable. And it’s shameful.
4. Negativity breeds negativity.
5. There are too many books in the world for anyone to ever truly be “well read”.
6. I am 24.
7. It is easier for me to write with good equipment: fountain pen, laptop, comfy chairs. These make the job easier.
8. Tonight for dinner, left-overs.
9. Laptops are getting cheaper and better: a happy combination.
10. It has been raining all day.

I have high hopes for this, don’t disappoint me, Dear Reader! Post your list below.