I’ve just discovered that the final Spinning Room episodes of Red Lobster aired a few weeks ago, and episode 230, with me in it, is up online!

Isn’t it amazing how many faults you can see in your own performances when you watch them back? Even so, this did go down well and it was an amazing night.

My performance is just past the 5 minute mark, but do watch the whole thing – so many great poets!

The rest of the final Spinning Room episodes are up too.

Episode 229 features Amy Bodossian performing one of my favourites of hers, again with a bunch of great people on the open mic, a few familiar names like that man who appears regularly on this blog, Benjamin Solah.

Now, a very important note: You’re nothing until you’ve witnessed Santo Cazzati at full speed. He is most of episode 228. If you don’t watch any of the other episodes in this post, watch Santo. He’s a revelation.