It’s not a lazy Sunday for me; it’s a sped-up Sunday. I’m doing everything I’d do on a lazy Sunday, but I got up earlier and am doing it all a bit faster because I have to work later.

Part of this is reading. I’m reading Martin Amis’ Yellow Dog, and am very very very close to finished, but I’ve also been catching up on my Google Reader feed.

Some highlights, to make your Sunday more enjoyable:

– Jo Case has written an insightful review of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.
– Alec Patric at Verity La talks to Nathan Curnow about transferrable skill sets, whether these skill sets exist at all, and the ways in which novel writing resembles The Wizard of Oz.
– On the anniversary of the Black Saturday fires, Claire Zorn at Overland writes about bearing witness for the 173 lives lost that day.
– An interesting post on Virgule about their 2010 submission statistics. It makes me feel amazing for getting in there.
– Some big news for page seventeen, as editor Tiggy Johnson moves on. I owe a huge amount of thanks to page seventeen for accepting my first published short story, and Tiggy has been amazing, wonderful, supportive, and welcoming. I wish her the best of luck in whatever she moves onto next, and look forward to the reveal of the next page seventeen editor!