I grew up on Phillip Island. Chances are you’ve heard of it – you’ve seen it on a TV travel show, or you’ve been there.

While I’m now living in Melbourne, and loving it, I still have a soft spot for the Island. My mum and her partner live down there, as well as many friends and their families. I still get annoyed when I hear about a lack of resources there.

In 2008, the local hospital, Warley, shut down. My father worked there for some time, and I’ve had cause over the years for a few visits. To see the hospital sitting there, dead, is surreal and sad. This being the only hospital on the Island, there is now no other choice but to drive 30 minutes (an optimistic estimate) to Wonthaggi Hospital, or to be airlifted to Melbourne. For seriously injured people, as well as the elderly (which the Island is absolutely crawling with now), this isn’t good enough. It’s a really worrying situation.

A girl I grew up with, Amanda Drennan (paralympian and crazy awesome swimmer) will be swimming the entire circumference of Phillip Island (about 65k’s) in March to raise awareness of the issue, and money to fund a much-needed 24-hour medical facility.

Check out her website, there’s more information about Mandy and about the hospital situation. They will soon be open for donations, and this is so so important.

Please share this if you can. I really wish Mandy all the best with the project, and hope it leads to the resource that Phillip Island needs.