Early last year, I did a little analysis of the numbers around my reading, inspired by a post of Chris Flynn’s. I thought it might be interesting to do the same sort of break-down of my reading for the whole of 2010.

Here goes:

30 men. 52 women. 1 combined.
22 Australian. 31 non-Australian.
1 literary journal*. 2 graphic novels. 7 non-fiction. 43 fiction.

I have to say, I’m surprised by how close the numbers are between men:women and Australian:non-Australian, I thought both these areas would be pretty highly skewed in favour of non-Australian men. There’s definitely room for improvement, to read more women, more Australian writing, but I’m pretty pleased with the effort for 2010.

Next year I’ll start counting literary journals and include that in my tally. My non-fiction:fiction count isn’t quite what I’d like it to be – I’ll be aiming to read more non-fiction in 2011.

*I read many, many more than 1 lit journal during 2010, but I only included KYD in my list. In 2011, lit journals that I’ve read cover-to-cover will be included in my count.