Well, not to me. To LGWABP.

Today is the first anniversary of this blog! It certainly doesn’t feel like a year. So much awesome stuff has happened because of LGWABP, and I’m really glad I’ve stuck with it. People often say that you shouldn’t blog unless you’ve got a passion for it, because it comes through in the content – I hope my passion comes through. I love this thing! LOVE IT!

174 posts later…

In the last year I’ve written a lot more than I used to. I’ve realised that “being a writer” is what I’m doing, and I’m dedicated to that. I’ve met amazing people, some of them higher up in the industry than myself, others on the same level, others just beginning – all of these people have been helpful, insightful, and immensely encouraging.

I’ve had three pieces accepted for publication. I’ve introduced myself and been recognized for my blog name. I’ve had my passion understood and been invited to do book reviews on c31’s Yartz. I’ve been asked to guest blog. I’ve interviewed a hero of mine. I’ve learned what doesn’t work.

I feel like I’m on the way to good things. And LGWABP is has a lot to contribute to it.

Thanks for reading, ya’ll, keep it up! And I’ll keep posting.

Cheers to my first year!