It’s almost July. It’s almost winter!

In celebration of these things, Megan Burke of Literary Life is running something called the Comment July Challenge.

Megan has realised that she’s a lurker. She reads a ton of blogs every day, but comments on a very small percentage of them. I’m the same. I don’t let fellow bloggers know that I enjoyed their posts often enough, I don’t often contribute to threads worthy of a discussion. Sorry, blog world.

Here’s how we make amends:

For the entire month of July, I (and Megan, and the other people who have also taken Megan’s vow of commenty) pledge to comment on at least five blogs per day, in an effort to better connect myself with the blogs I read, and make sure that the producer of said blogs feel the love.

As part of her vow Megan is posting links to her comments so her devoted readers can take part in the discussions. I’ll be posting highlights weekly, so you can keep track of where I’ve been having some commenty-fun.

Hats off to Miss Megan for such an awesome idea! Head over to her site to make your own pledge, and spread happiness and light with the Comment July Challenge.