In the blogging community there are little widgety things floating around called “blog awards”. They snowball. You get one, then give it to a number of other people, who give it to other people and so on. It’s a sweet little internal love-fest for bloggers. I have suspicions about the nature of these things as shameless self-promotional tools. But I’m partaking. I’m in.
And it may help you, dear Reader, find some quality new reading!

…and I know that the recipients of this award will swoon over what appears to be a teacup full of roses.

This morning I received “One Lovely Blog” award from Spicyt. A big big thanks for that, Spicyt, I’m pretty chuffed.

So now I pass this award on to 15 of my favourite blogs. Yeah, 15! That’s a lot, huh? So here goes:

These, by the way are in no particular order… Let the Love Fest begin!

1. A Broken Laptop, by Mercedes M Yardley.
2. Adair On Books, by Misha Adair.
3. Clara Emily’s blog
4. Logic and Life
5. Dabbling All Day, by Nicole.
6. Creative Liberty
7. Should Be Reading, by MizB.
8. Thwok!
9. The Unabridged Girl.
10. Cellophane Teeth.
11. Literary Life
12. A Bisonicorn Cluster vomiting Rainbows.
13. So, You Wanna Be A Boxer?
14. Inkygirl: Daily Diversions for Writers.
15. Benjamin Solah, Marxist Horror Writer

I’m not sure how appropriate the term “lovely” is for all these blogs, but “freaking ace” is pretty true. So check ’em out. Partake in Love Fest 2010!