You’ll have noticed my blog has been incredibly quiet of late. I apologise.

I’ve written very little. I’ve blogged hardly at all. I’ve read only to wind-down before bed or else I’d never sleep. I’ve seen hardly anyone and I haven’t had a beer in over a week.

This is life on the arse-end of the semester. Four assignments due in a three-week period. We’re still in that period, the last one’s due on Tuesday.

So I’m still not blogging and all of the above.

But in the name of procrastination and pride, I thought I’d post the following interviews I did for Yartz, with Lisa Dempster and Emilie Zoey Baker. They were done just before the EWF, there’s just been a little delay in getting them up – technical stuff. Computers, hey?

As I can’t figure out how to embed youtube clips:

Here’s Lisa’s interview.

And here’s Emilie’s.

And for those of you who just can’t get enough, here’s a link to the reading that EZB was kind enough to do for the Yartz .

Enjoy your weekend viewing, my friends, and I will return to this very blog after Tuesday when I am officially ON HOLIDAYS!