Today is the last day of City Basement Books’ $1 closing down sale.

I did figure out what the deal is, they are only moving, not closing down entirely, but the move is quite vague. They’re going “somewhere” … “eventually”. So it might be a while before we see these lovely bookish people’s smiling faces.

On Wednesday I went down to the Basement and came out with five books. I wasn’t in a particularly search-y mood, so I picked up a few books that jumped out at me without too much searching.

“Alexander Solzhenitsyn” by Steven Allaback
“Papa Hemingway” by A.E Hotchner
“The Woodpecker Toy Fact” by Carmel Bird
“Collected Stories” by Janette Turner Hospital
“Cherry Ripe” by Carmel Bird

After this, I ran into other people who had been down there after me. And they’d come out with better stuff.

Truly jealous, I decided to go in for a second round. This proved more lucrative:

“Illywhacker” by Peter Carey
“Johnno” by David Malouf
“Automatic Teller” by Carmel Bird
“Seams of Light (Best Antipodean Essays)” by Morag Fraser (ed)
“Summer at Mount Hope” by Rosalie Ham
“Visible Ink 6: Anthology of New Writing”
“Talking Dirty”  by Susan Chenery

…much better!

Really happy with some of the collections of essays I picked up, a few good biographies, some Australian staples that I’ve never got around to, some new work from old favourites… and all that for $12! It’s just too good!