If you live in Melbourne, and you haven’t discovered the Fed Square Book Market, get down there. It’s on Saturdays during the day in the Atrium (glassed-in bit next to the Ian Potter Centre).

If you live in Melbourne and you also haven’t discovered The Sticky Institute, get down there too. It’s in the underpass between Flinders St Station and the other side of Flinders St just near the end of Degraves St. They have bundles of cool zines, quite reasonably priced, unlike those places that purchase the zines then jack the prices riiiiiiiiiight up. There’s a really big range, always something interesting to have a look at. These guys have a prettyawesome book exchange too…

So, being a reasonably big fan of both these things, you can understand my excitement when I found that they’re teaming up for an event this Saturday coming.

If you don’t live in Melbourne, fuck it. Road trip.

Get down there, get your pencil going, get yo Bowie on!