On Friday morning I received the best news I have received in quite some time…

I got into the university I applied for!

No more Swinburne, with its grossly under-funded arts faculty and disgusting treatment of an education institution as merely a business… Onto RMIT, where money is kept flowing into the arts in the same way as any other “more profitable” degree, where my love of writing and sharing and learning will be welcomed and given a big warm hug.

No more creative writing classes full of psych or engineering students who “needed an easy HD”… Writing can be hard work, and the people I will be learning with next year will understand this.

I’m almost positive that my current image of the splendour RMIT has to offer is not quite what the reality will be, but I am also positive that the coursework is what I want from a university, and the attitude of the institution is what I would actually expect from a place of learning.

For those of you interested, here’s a link.