Due kudos should be given to Globalwrite, for this article.
It inspired me today, forced me into a bit of introspection…

I’m a student who cannot study. I jot little ideas, tiny one liners that are intended to take full form somewhere in the body of an essay. By the time I return to these ideas they’re flaccid.

I’m a lazy person who can’t sleep. Every bump in the night is an intruder. My lover stops breathing so I watch him just to make sure. There’s a coo-ing and a scratching coming from the ceiling-chickens. Rest just isn’t an option.

I’m a writer who never writes. I have my five-word truisms scribbled somewhere for safekeeping. My one-line journals, which take shape over a day and are never as whitty on re-visiting. My blog, which seems to be a string of the same post over and over…and over.

I’m a person who can’t think. I can’t, therefore I…?