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Did ya see me?

Did ya see me? Did ya? Over on the Emerging Writers’ Festival blog. That’s me, there, interning!

I’ve not mentioned it here before, but I’m one of the three interns on board at EWF this year. I’m super-duper excited – this is a genuinely ass-kicking position. As part of the internship I get given an event to run. So I’m instrumental in making the festival happen. And I’m an “Associate Producer” – great title, hey? And I’m SO FREAKIN EXCITED!

No doubt you can expect much more festival love and happiness from me between now and the wrap-up in July.

Aiming for Total Immersion

I’m studying writing, I spend my spare time reading and writing, I write a blog about literature and reading… and now I work in a book shop, too.

On Tuesday I went in for an interview, and by Tuesday afternoon I was hired. I’ve only worked two days, but already I’m hooked. I get to talk to customers about what they might like to read. I get to spend time learning about books and authors and writing – and that’s a legitimate thing to do in my spare time. And even the busy-work of this job is sickly fun for me – shelving books. I love categorizing books! And so I think I’ve found a job I’m happy in.

And I’ve found another way to immerse myself more totally in the world of reading, writing and books.

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