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Verity La Post

The lovely gentlemen at Verity La published a poem of mine today, called Sail. I wrote it quite some time ago, inspired by the deluge that took over Melbourne mid last Winter. Given that we’re getting to that time of year again, it’s fitting that it’s been published just now.

You should check it out, it looks lovely. They do such a great job, so thanks guys!


The wonderful folk at Verity La have been doing a series of posts on the topic of whether “a new archaeology” has been created by the rise of digital publishing.

There have been some great people saying some great things on the forum up to this point – I think I mentioned Jeff Sparrow’s post a few weeks ago, I found his piece particularly enjoyable. Today I joined all those great people… Whether I’ve said something great or not, I’ll leave for you to decide.

You can read my post here.

Enter Sol on Verity La

Crack open a beer for me, my work has gone up today on the brilliant lit journal Verity La!

My poem, “Enter Sol” appears with an image by Danny Thomas. A big, huge thanks to editor Alec Patric for his help and support.

Verity La has featured some of my favourite writers and mentors, including Josephine Rowe, Nathan Curnow, Tiggy Johnson and Francesca Rendle-Short. I’m absolutely humbled to be joining those ranks.

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