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Admiration/Inspiration Thursday

Today I feel like I could do just about anything. I haven’t slept through a whole night in a very long time, but the last two nights I have. I thought you should all know – today I feel really good. 

Inspiration in the last week has been much and varied: 

Nanofiction based in an alley


I found my missing copy of Monica Wood’s “The Pocket Muse”. Haven’t heard of it before? Get it. Trust me. It makes it easier to get the cogs moving on those days when it just doesn’t want to happen. I actually just found it on Google Books, but I do so love my hard copy. Hand-bag sized, loving little volume of word-making things! 

I’ve been messing around with micropoetry and nanofiction submissions this week for the Melbourne Writer’s Festival’s “Poetry 4 U” event. I took some inspiration for this from a woman I used to live with. She makes such wonderful stories, her actual personality is so much better than anything I could make up. I love to write about her. 

School has provided inspiration – actually setting me tasks I’m interested in doing (oh, bless you, RMIT!). I wrote a few scenes from my family history and was surprised by how fun it was. I imagined my grandparents’ terror at the prospect of going to Bonegilla (what a happy experience this website makes it seem!).  

I’m going to write a column today about reading on public transport and the joys and problems of that. Inspired by a friend unashamedly telling me that he covers embarrassing book covers with brown paper so he won’t be judged. 

Feeling good is a good place to write, so often it comes from that other place. 

So right now, I’m inspired by this mysterious glow that comes from being well-rested. I’m off to write!


Last week I posted about Ex Calamus, the new webzine I’m involved in with fellow RMIT Creative Writing students.

The latest installment in Ex Calami glory is called “Cxxx” – don’t ask me the meaning, but I do think of that particular combination of letters quite fondly now.

Cxxx is attached to the E.C website, and is another writing project based on constraints. Cxxx is all about nanofiction or micropoetry within 130 characters. Unlike Ex Calamus’ Webzine, there is no theme or time-limit. I have some work up there, and the content seems to be added to almost daily. Check it out!

…and I promise, my blog will not continue to just be posts plugging my work. I’ll write some actual content in the next few days. Cross my heart.

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