I’ve just started a Facebook fan page for this here blog.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to how to expand my readership, and whether that’s something that’s important to me (answer: “No, not really, I’d rather have loyal and engaged readers than many, many not-caring ones”). I’ve also been thinking about what kinds of connections I form with people outside my immediate peer group, and how I do that. All these things are connected with my reasons for starting the fan page. It’s also a bit about egoism.

Also, I’m feeling somewhat merciful toward all those friends who don’t read my blog anyway and have been putting up with my “NEW POST!” spam for over a year now. (Sorry guys). And I want to give people a chance to communicate with me outside commenting directly on my blog – which is becoming less common anyway, probably because it’s a bit… tricky. So if people don’t want to comment on my blog, what’s their other option? Twitter? Ok, but not the ideal forum for real discussion. Facebook has “like” functions, which require almost no thought at all other than the “liking” impulse, but they still express what someone thinks with minimal effort. And, as I’ve discovered in talking to other bloggers, some people are certainly more comfortable engaging via Facebook. Unless you’re in my direct friendship circle, you don’t have an opportunity to do that. Up until now. And, as per previous posts, I have noticed I’ve got some readers who aren’t my mum or boyfriend.

So! Go forth and LIKE, yo!