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Voiceworks Launch!

It’s come around so quickly! Tomorrow night (23rd September), Voiceworks is launching issue #82, “Hunger”.

It’s at Bertha Brown, from 6pm. Head on down!

Featuring work from Sophie Clark, Dom Amarena, Krystin Low, Peter Dawncy, Trish Griffiths, Katherine Pollock, Eli Glasman, L. Phillip Lucas, Samuel Williams, Sam van Zweden, Amber Beilharz, Jack Madin, Anna Westbrook, Erin Lockington, Emily Dacy-Cole, Adam Carr, Jessica Seymour, Aaron Benson, Jenna Sten, Marco Antonio Ruiz, Suzannah Marshall Macbeth, Kavita Bedford, Vince Chadwick, Jessica McCausland and Tammy Law.

That’s right, that’s my name right in the middle there. So come on down, grab a copy, have a chat and a drink, and celebrate my first piece in PRINT! Real pages. With my words on them. Real pages that you can turn with your actual hands. NUTS!

Hope to see you there.

New Meme, New Meme!

I said “New Meme” in the heading TWICE because I needed to. That’s how exciting this is.

It’s been in the ideas-bank for a while now, but it’s finally here and ready to launch. And it’ll be happening tomorrow.

The new meme is called Admiration/Inspiration Thursdays. Appearing weekly (on Thursdays – who’d have guessed?!) it will feature interviews with people who inspire me, articles about people/things I admire, and collections of things that are currently inspiring my writing.

Check back tomorrow for the first installment of A/I Thursdays!

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