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My brief radio stint

I did TV, I did a blog, I thought radio was worth a shot.

No, that’s a lie. Miss Jorja Kelly thought that I’d be interesting to talk to – little did she know!

It was incredibly scary being on a LIVE show, and as soon as the segment finished I felt like if I’d had more time to consider my answers I’d have much more helpful answers to Jorja’s questions, but on listening to the podcast, I’m not as disgusted or embarrassed as I thought I’d be.

So here it is. And keep listening to “In Other Words”, weekly on Tuesdays from 3 – 3.30pm.

In Other Words… I’m On The Radio!

I’ll be chatting to the lovely Jorja Kelly at Syn (90.7 FM) tomorrow afternoon. Jorja hosts “In Other Words“, a Syn show about all things language. It airs from 3 – 3.30pm on Tuesdays.

And it’s LIVE! Terrifying, no?

Tune in to discover a new must-listen show, and hear me put my foot in my mouth on live radio!

In Other Words:
Tuesdays at 3-3.30pm
LIVE on Syn 90.7 FM

Really, truly in the clutches of The Muse

I don’t even remember the last time this happened.

I’m typing a poem and I cannot stop, I’m crying and watching this clip over and over. (Thankyou Jorja Kelly for sharing it on your blog). Such intense physicality affects me in a weird way.

I’ve got a throw-away sentence in my head, and it means so much to me, it’s been torturing me since I heard it. It’s beautiful.

I’m in the clutches of the Muse, and there is nowhere I’d rather be. Truly.

She promised to be free…

…and she was.

I watch her sketching whatnots in class, there’s snippets of life that she likes to pin to the edges of lecture pads.

That’s just what I’ve witnessed.

Much of what I haven’t witnessed has recently been brought into the loving arms of the interweb.

Her name is Jorja Kelly, I go to uni with her. I’m impressed and inspired by her work – particularly her drawings, they make me want to create things.

Her blog,  “A Bisonicorn Cluster Vomiting Rainbows” is a rapidly growing collection of her drawing, snippets of writing, images she’s found and liked. A very inspiring archive – keep checking back and keep your ear to the ground for this lady, she’ll get far.

She also presents a literary segment on SYN radio’s show “Arts Mitten” from 3-4.30pm on a Sunday afternoon.

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