It’s a gripping title, no?

I’ve been meaning to post about recurring themes and imagery in my writing, and to find out if this happens to other people. Will I grow out of it? Do I actually want to grow out of it?

I go through phases where the same imagery pops up in my writing, whether I like it or not. And they continue to resurface.

I’ve gone through a phase with disjointed and severed limbs. One with dead birds. Right now I’m going through a thing with old people. Usually there’s a relationship breakdown involved, or cyclical and unstoppable time.¬†Perhaps it’s the way all these things can be connected to decay, and appropriate to use with breakdowns and time.

I’m torn between whether this makes my writing same-ish, or if it’s giving me the opportunity to really explore the possibilities of imagery. I’m leaning towards the latter. I never use the same image in the same way. It’ll get recycled, but it a new direction…

Does this happen to anyone else?