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Changing my name to my name

Flicr CC / ittybittiesforyou
Flicr CC / ittybittiesforyou

You might’ve noticed that I’ve decided to move away from the ‘Little Girl with a Big Pen’ moniker and toward my own name. Over the last month or so, I’ve changed my Facebook page, my Twitter handle, and now my domain and blog name.

When I started this blog in September of 2009, I felt unsure of myself. The ‘little girl’ description seemed to encompass my need to grow up, and the blog was a documentation of my coming-of-age, in a way. It was also a little reverent – maybe I was small (in stature), and maybe I was a ‘girl’ (a group whose voices aren’t ordinarily highly valued), but I had things to say and an outlet to do so. A soapbox of my own making.

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On Killings

Today the lovely folk at Killings (the Kill Your Darlings blog) have been kind enough to publish an article of mine. It looks at the discomfort I felt when confronted by honest, humble musicians in a ridiculously large arena, and with a stupid amount of fame.

You can read that article here. Big thanks to Ronnie Sullivan for her eyes pre-publication, and to Imogen Kandel’s patience and commitment to providing quality editorial.

This Blog Is A Toddler

If this blog were a child, it would be starting to develop some proper focus skills, able to block out distractions and play more attentively. Its language would be starting to really develop, and things like narratives would be starting to make proper sense. It wouldn’t be so rad with numbers, but because this blog is about books that’s not so important.

This blog is three years old today – I’m celebrating with cider and cake, and I expect you to also! While it’s a bit tongue-in-cheek to draw this comparison between a blog and a toddler, it’s also a kind of nice thought. Three years old is when humans start to really be able to play with language, understand and share stories. For a blog about books, writing and words in general, that’s a pretty significant place to be.

Thanks to all the people who always show up to read my words. I appreciate your time, your chats at events and festivals, your generosity in telling me when I’m doing well, and you engagement with the things I do on here. Here’s to the many years to come!

Did ya see me?

Did ya see me? Did ya? Over on the Emerging Writers’ Festival blog. That’s me, there, interning!

I’ve not mentioned it here before, but I’m one of the three interns on board at EWF this year. I’m super-duper excited – this is a genuinely ass-kicking position. As part of the internship I get given an event to run. So I’m instrumental in making the festival happen. And I’m an “Associate Producer” – great title, hey? And I’m SO FREAKIN EXCITED!

No doubt you can expect much more festival love and happiness from me between now and the wrap-up in July.

She promised to be free…

…and she was.

I watch her sketching whatnots in class, there’s snippets of life that she likes to pin to the edges of lecture pads.

That’s just what I’ve witnessed.

Much of what I haven’t witnessed has recently been brought into the loving arms of the interweb.

Her name is Jorja Kelly, I go to uni with her. I’m impressed and inspired by her work – particularly her drawings, they make me want to create things.

Her blog,  “A Bisonicorn Cluster Vomiting Rainbows” is a rapidly growing collection of her drawing, snippets of writing, images she’s found and liked. A very inspiring archive – keep checking back and keep your ear to the ground for this lady, she’ll get far.

She also presents a literary segment on SYN radio’s show “Arts Mitten” from 3-4.30pm on a Sunday afternoon.

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