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This Blog Is A Toddler

If this blog were a child, it would be starting to develop some proper focus skills, able to block out distractions and play more attentively. Its language would be starting to really develop, and things like narratives would be starting to make proper sense. It wouldn’t be so rad with numbers, but because this blog is about books that’s not so important.

This blog is three years old today – I’m celebrating with cider and cake, and I expect you to also! While it’s a bit tongue-in-cheek to draw this comparison between a blog and a toddler, it’s also a kind of nice thought. Three years old is when humans start to really be able to play with language, understand and share stories. For a blog about books, writing and words in general, that’s a pretty significant place to be.

Thanks to all the people who always show up to read my words. I appreciate your time, your chats at events and festivals, your generosity in telling me when I’m doing well, and you engagement with the things I do on here. Here’s to the many years to come!

Happy Birthday To Me!

Well, not me personally, but my blog. It’s been two years today since I started blogging.

In that time I’ve had the opportunity to meet some great people, to interview international and local awesomes, to have guest posts from people smarter than me, to become part of a TV show, got a rad banner, media passes and mentions from festivals and shows which have allowed me to access all sorts of exciting places and people… And most importantly, to engage in a dialogue with you, Dear Reader, which I always find exciting.

I still can’t believe people read this blog, so good on you and good on me. Good on us.

Happy Birthday!

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