Since 2010, I’ve done a “100+ Books Challenge”, where I aimed to read more than 100 books in a year. I’ve never done spectacularly well, and I’ve grown to see that there’s not much point in reading a heap of books without taking anything in. This year I’m aiming to slow down in life in general, and this applies to reading, too. So I’m still tracking what I’ve read here, and including links to whatever I review, without putting a “100 Books” goal on my reading.

1. Loiteringby Charles D’Ambrosio
2. Julie & Julia, by Julie Powell
3. You’re Just too Good to be True, by Sofija Stefanovic
4. Vanishing Point: Not a Memoir, by Ander Monson
5. The Abyssinian Contortionist, by David Carlin
6. Hot Little Hands, by Abigail Ulman
7. Lion Attack! by Oliver Mol
8. The Knife of Never Letting Go, by Patrick Ness
9. The Argonauts, by Maggie Nelson
10. The Ask and the Answer, by Patrick Ness
11. Isobelle of the Moon and Stars, by SA Jones
12. Funemployed, by Justin Heazelwood
13. Grapple Annual, ed. Duncan Felton
14. My Misspent Youth, by Meghan Daum
15. The Unspeakable, by Meghan Daum
16. Letter to a Future Lover, by Ander Monson